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An unrecognizable person in scrubs raises their hand to ask a question. The person at the front of the room is pointing at them.

Q: Why should I enroll in PREP LTC?
A: By enrolling in PREP LTC, LTC homes will have access to:
• support from our engagement team to help your home.
• assessment of your needs and barriers.
• support with placement coordination.
• connections with post-secondary schools
• tools, resources and templates.
• funding to backfill preceptor time.

Q: Is my LTC home eligible for PREP LTC funding?
A: If your LTC home has or will have PSW or nursing (PN, BScN) students or internationally educated nurses (IEN) whose placements end between April 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023, regardless of the start date, your home will be eligible for preceptor backfill funding. The preceptor must be a team member from your LTC home who is supervising the students and provides dedicated time to support the students outside of their regular duties. The preceptor must be backfilled or replaced during the time they are providing dedicated time to students.

Q: Why is the funding limited to covering backfill for precepting students?
A: The PREP LTC initiative supports preceptors in providing high-quality training to students. LTC homes must use this funding to backfill preceptors so that they can provide dedicated time toward precepting and mentoring students under their supervision. Evidence shows that students are better prepared when preceptors have dedicated time to focus on training and mentorship.

Q: By what date do students have to register in PREP LTC?
A: Once an LTC home has enrolled, it will receive a UNIQUE LTC HOME LINK FOR STUDENT REGISTRATION. If a home has or will backfill the team members who have or will mentor students, they must ensure that their students register in PREP LTC. We recommend that homes provide time and computers for students during orientation so that they may register. Students must complete the registration form online by February 15, 2023, for homes to receive funding.

Q: Is funding available for all student placements or only for students in consolidation placements?
A: At this time, we are accepting student registrations for consolidation placements or those students supervised by a preceptor from a long-term care home. Student placements supervised by a clinical supervisor from their post-secondary institution or supervised in groups are not eligible.

Q: When is the last date for LTC homes to enroll and for students to register in PREP LTC?
A: Enrollment will remain open until January 20, 2023. LTC homes that enroll in PREP LTC will have access to support from our engagement team, tools, resources, education and funding. Student placements registrations must be completed by February 15, 2023, for LTC homes to receive funds. PREP LTC funds must be spent by March 31, 2023.

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum amount of funding a home can receive?
A: If an LTC home enrolls in the PREP LTC initiative and registers one PSW student, the minimum a home can receive is $2,000. Homes can receive $40,000 or more in funding depending on the total number of student placements registered in Ontario. By registering all student placements, homes have the potential to receive additional funds (above $40,000) once registration closes on February 15, 2023.

Q: Can homes provide funding to preceptors?
A: Funding provided to LTC homes enables backfilling a team member who spends dedicated time precepting and mentoring PSW or nursing students under their supervision outside of their regular duties.

Q: Can the preceptor be an existing team member?
A: The preceptor can be an existing team member, but they will need to be backfilled by additional staff when they spend dedicated time with students outside of their regular duties.

Q: Not all homes have the resources to set up the infrastructure for student placements; how are fair access and equality ensured in the distribution of funds and resources?
A: The PREP LTC engagement team is engaging with LTC homes to understand their needs and support them in building partnerships and providing tools and resources to build the infrastructure to support student placements. Backfill funding will support preceptors in providing a high-quality placement experience to students.

Q: Can we use the funds for any student placements? NPs, Food Services, etc.?
A: No, funds are for students in personal support worker (PSW) and nursing (PN, BScN) programs, as well as internationally educated nurses (IEN) in Ontario.

Q: How will PREP LTC help reduce the stigma of working in LTC and encourage school boards and colleges to facilitate placements in LTC?
A: The PREP LTC engagement team will be reaching out to colleges and universities to engage them in placing their students in LTC. They will provide information, resources and support to facilitate this and help break down stigma as well as support LTC homes in applying for funds and implementing a high-quality student placement program.

Q: What if I made an error in the enrollment or registration forms submitted?
A: Please email us at, and we will address the error.

Q: Once my home enrolls in PREP LTC, am I eligible for funding?
A: Once an LTC home enrolls in PREP LTC, it will receive an email with a copy of its responses and a UNIQUE LTC HOME LINK FOR STUDENT REGISTRATION. To be considered for funding, this link will need to be provided to each student placed in your LTC home. Once students register in PREP LTC, your home will be considered for backfill funding.

Q: How will I know if my home’s students registered?
A: Students who register will receive a copy of their responses by email. Please ask your students to forward this email to you. You may also reach out to your Regional Engagement Liaison to enquire about the number of students that have registered from your LTC home.